Partnership Approach

Logitravel Group works closely with over 100 partners globally. As a young, dynamic, versatile business which has retained its entrepreneurial spirit, we apply our experience of building our own business into working with our partners.

We take our partners seriously with a true partnership style, allowing flexibility in approach and strong dedication. We work collaboratively and believe in setting mutual goals and objectives, which we work to exceeding together.

Our approach is to work with partners where we can help to build and grow a business using our leisure travel expertise, industry leading technology, flexible platform and versatile products. We are prepared to invest in businesses, through our technology and product, where we feel there is a sound business case.

We have no set approach, we review every opportunity under its own merits. We are very flexible and our systems allow us to launch new brands in weeks. No matter how difficult the challenge, we will rise to it as a true partner to help you deliver.