Our Businesses

Logitravel Group is the brand name of the company, with all 15 companies sitting under this umbrella brand. It is a family owned business, belonging to the Andrés-Sánchez family.

The holding company is Tool Factory S.L., which provides corporate services to our group of companies, and which also belongs to the family business group, the Andrés – Sánchez family.

The aim of our business is, through our people, expertise and technology, to be a leading company in the global tourism distribution business.

One of our main businesses and a prime focus is as an online travel agency, as the intermediary for the sale of air tickets, hiring or booking of rooms, organisation of trips both in transport and accommodation, car rental, reservation of tickets for shows and the provision of tourist services in general, both as individual items and sold as part of packages. In order to be effective in this area we have both B2B and B2C solutions, as the online agency working direct with consumers and with partners, and as the wholesale bedbank working with partners and supplying our own agency. In addition to this, bespoke IT is crucial to the success of all areas of our business and we pride ourselves in our industry leading, in-house developed, wholly owned IT Platform.

In 2017, we launched our hotel management project. Our hotel division has managed its first hotel since 2018 and in this same year also acquired its first hotel property, which has been operating since January 1, 2019. Our objective is to continue adding more establishments in strategic areas to the Group in the coming years.