Our Group Executive Board

Our Group Executive Board is chaired by Manny Fontenla Novoa and has 7 members forming this leadership team. The team represents a cross section of the 15 companies making up the group. The role of the board is to determine the Strategy, Mission and Purpose, provide the direction for the overall group and the 15 companies within, set and maintain the organisational planning and ensure adequate resources, establish and assure the business governance system, set. approve and manage the budgets. The leadership team are responsible for all reporting to the Directors.

The team meets monthly to discuss a set agenda of topics, such as financial results, health & safety and risks, along with any new opportunities. New projects are presented as business cases and signed off at leadership level. Monthly and Yearly financial accounts are also signed off as approved in this forum.

Manny Fontenla Novoa
Manny Fontenla NovoaLogitravel Group President
Manny joined Logitravel Group as President of the Group in October 2018, replacing founder Ovidio Andres. He brings a wealth of global travel experience as CEO across Europe for Thomas Cook AG, and formerly in Senior Director roles at International Leisure Group and Sunworld. Manny is a Fellow of the Institute of Travel & Tourism, and is a member of the Travel&Tourism Hall of Fame.
Tomeu Bennasar
Tomeu BennasarLogitravel Group CEO
Tomeu has been with the Logitravel Group since it was founded in 2004, joining from travel IT provider Juniper, he joined Toolfactory as a Software Analyst. As a Post Graduate of General Management at IESE in Spain and with his previous leisure travel experience, he brings a sound technical knowledge and expertise to the business.
Javier Andrés
Javier AndrésLogitravel Group Investment Analyst
In charge of evaluating the new company investments and the budget compliance of all the Group companies.
Jesús Pons
Jesús PonsLogitravel Group CFO
Jesus joined Logitravel in 2010 as Administration Manager and became a member of the Leadership team in July 2013 as CFO. As a Post Graduate in Internacional Business at Berkeley University and Associate Professor of Tourism Intermediation from UIB, and with his experience as a Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young he provides the financial and tax expertise and manages the corporate services.
Joan Balaguer
Joan BalaguerLogitravel OTA CEO
Joan joined the Logitravel Group from University in 2004 having obtained his degree inTelecommunications Engineering. In 2007 Joan launched and built Logitravel’s Cruise Business Division, which is now one of Europe’s top Cruise OTA’s. He then became the CMO for the Logitravel Group in 2011 before joining the leadership team in October 2018 in his current role as CEO of Logitravel.com Joan holds a Post Graduate of General Management at IESE (PDG-2019).
Samuel Selma
Samuel SelmaLogitravel Group CEO Middle East & APAC
Samuel started working for the travel sector with Viajes Olympia developing the online distribution in 2004 and joined Logitravel Group in 2010 as Chief Product Officer. He joined the leadership team in 2015 as CEO of Smyrooms and B2B Business. Samuel graduated from Alicante University in 2000 with a degree in Tourism and holds a Post Graduate of General Management from IESE in Spain.
Pep Lluís Roig
Pep Lluís RoigLogitravel Group CEO Holiday Experiences
Pep graduated as an Engineer in Computer Systems in 2007 at UIB University and he joined the Logitravel Group the same year. Over the past 13 years Pep has been instrumental in developing new businesses as well as the internationalisation of the company. Now he leads the strategy for both Package Holidays and Escorted Tours, distributing products from Group’s Tour Operator (Traveltino and Tourenia) as well as third party suppliers, both of which are key growth areas for the group. In January 2020 he joined the leadership team in his current role as CEO of Holiday Experiences Division.