Quality & Safety Commitment

We take Occupational Health and Safety extremely seriously and have a full Prevention Planwhich is carried out annually. This plan governs and ensures that any actions required to be carried out are reported, monitored and addressed. This Plan includes procedures such as occupational risk assessment, preventive activity planning, risk information, personal protective equipment, health and safety training for employees and health surveillance. The results from the plan are reported to the Leadership Team at board meetings.

We care about the welfare of our staff and have a psychology factors questionnaire which is available to every employee. We do an evaluation of the report with the objective of evaluating the psychosocial conditions of the Group’s companies through the risks to which workers are exposed, during their working hours and identifying those that may have started within the workplace.

The Logitravel Group has a Full Business Continuity Plan, which covers various scenarios including fallover services for individual office closures and allows for all employees to be able to work from home via a VPN network in the event of full office closure.

Health & Safety