Gender Equality

Logitravel Group is committed to being an equal opportunities employer from our board through to our junior staff. Through leadership, development and coaching we will ensure that our employees are equipped to understand, recognise failings and ensure implementation of this commitment.

Our commitment ensures that all applications for any position available, from both our existing staff, or potential new staff, will be treated with dignity and the same fair and favourable treatment.

Flexible working and work-life balance

We believe that a healthy team is a successful team, and only through this we see the real potential of our employees. Creativity comes from the ability to think clearly and a good work-life balance is essential for this. In order to stay at the forefront of this fast paced market, we recognise that we need to be creative at all times, and therefore encourage all staff to value their time outside of the office.

We also provide a flexible approach to working hours and workplace wherever possible.