Our People

We are a family at Logitravel and our people are what has made the business into the success it is today. Our business is commercially led, but with creativity and innovation and a strong emphasis on cutting edge technology affording us our position in the global travel market.

When recruiting we look for the following in candidates:


The ability to be part of a team as a team player is essential. The business thrives on project work and cross functional teams working together and this only works where people are comfortable to be working with other teams and expressing ideas. Being a good listener is also required as our environment and culture is one where employees can both share their own ideas and also listen enthusiastically to others.


Logitravel Group’s employees are positive and passionate about their jobs and what they do on a daily basis. Our managers will ensure that nobody falls into a boring routine and therefore we seek employees who want to be part of our projects showcasing ambition, confidence, dedication and a lot of passion.


For Logitravel Group dependability and flexibility work perfectly in tandem. We look for reliable, responsible and trustworthy people to join our company. Employees will for sure need to be adaptable to change, take on projects outside of their scope and rearrange their schedule if necessary. Helping colleagues with their projects, even when the subject matter is unfamiliar, having in mind the big picture of the company is extremely valued.

Creative Innovative Thinking

Thinking creatively and positively to drive the business and resolve issues are two of our main assets. We look for people who can effectively and swiftly make decisions, express them to others and act upon them. Employees will gather as much information as they can and let intuition, logic, and innovative thinking drive the best solution. At Logitravel Group we are collaborators with open minds to the ideas and opinions of others.