Logitravel Group today held a half day conference for all members of staff, which kicked off with a thank you to everyone for their contribution from the Chairman of the Group Manny Fontenla- Novoa. Followed by a presentation and celebration of the 2019 results.

The aim of the conference was to ensure that all employees were able to see and celebrate the achievements they were actively part of this year and have vision and understanding of the overall company wide strategy and roadmap, and the importance of how together we will meet the challenging budgets set for 2020. Each of the Senior Leadership Team presented the objectives and key initiatives for their area, including new projects and source markets.

The conference was held in Majorca and attended by the Directors of the Sanchez family, and was streamed live to the outstations for those not based in Majorca. Ovidio Sanchez addressed the audience by saying how proud he was of the business and the heights it had reached – he thanked Manny and the Senior Leadership Team for their direction and celebrated the talent that was allowing the business to thrive.

Manny Fontenla-Novoa closed by adding ‘ The plans are ambitious but you are all committed and with this focus , they are achievable. We will do this – 2019 was good year for Logitravel but 2020 will be a great year!’