Logitravel Group allows the payment of any travel reservation that includes an Iberia flight to be made using a voucher issued from the airline. Payment can be both partial or total and is fully integrated into the payment process for a reservation in the online travel agency Logitravel.com and in the tour operator Smytravel.

Iberia vouchers can be used on all the products and trips that Logitravel offers and that contain an Iberia flight, therefore it includes single-flight trips, vacation packages, tours, fly drive packages and packaged cruises.

Logitravel.com has launched a specific page with vacation package offers that include an Iberia flight, so that users can easily find a trip that suits them and they can easily redeem their voucher. At https://www.logitravel.com/viajes/especial-iberia/ customers can easily choose a flight + hotel package and pay for it using their Iberia voucher.


This integration has been made possible by LogiTravel integrating the brand new  latest version of NDC Iberia, which includes the option to pay with an Iberia  voucher. Toni Cortés, Managing Director Corporate Transport at Logitravel Group, explains: In 2017 Logitravel was a pilot of NDC Iberia helping its development and implementation in the market. Now, after launching the latest version of NDC Iberia, we are pleased to continue advancing and being pioneers in adapting the new functionalities of the tool that allows us to offer customers the ability to use their vouchers on a far broader selection of travel options.

Any Iberia voucher can be redeemed at Smytravel and Logitravel, regardless of where the air ticket that originated the voucher was purchased. Any customer with an Iberia voucher can pay in Logitravel for a trip that includes an Iberia flight among its services.