The online travel agency has been designated as a collaborating travel agency for processing the tourist vouchers for the promotion from the government of the Balearic Islands. Residents who wish to travel between islands taking advantage of the subsidy being offered by the Balearic government, can now request their tourist voucher from AETIB and make their holiday reservation on

The autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, through its Tourism Strategy Agency (AETIB) has launched the TOURIST BONUSES program giving direct financial aid of up to € 100 per person (adults only) to residents of the Balearic Islands to encourage them to travel to another Balearic Island. To have access to the subsidy, the reservation of the trip must be made at a travel agency that is part of the program, such as Logitravel.

To make it as easy as possible for residents, Logitravel has created the Balearic Tourist Bonds information page where residents can find details of all the steps they need to follow.

The first step to take advantage of the AETIB offer is to visit the page Bonus Turístic Illes Balears
and request your voucher. You will be sent a voucher to use once successfully registered.

Then simply choose your holiday and make your reservation, taking into account the requirements marked. Once your trip is booked and paid in full, you will need to send the documentation proof of your voucher to Logitravel, who will process and inform the AETIB, who will refund you the amount direct to you for the value of your voucher.

The tourist voucher is only valid for trips that include a minimum of two nights stay on an island other than the one of residence and that takes place with your departure between June 15 and 30 June (except from June 23 to 27) and from September 1st through to November 15.