Taking advantage of the opportunity created by the Canary Islands, as a safe travel zone across Europe, Smytravel organized a Fam Trip to Fuerteventura from October 16th  to 19th.

Over a 4 day trip, 6 travel agents coming from different areas of Spain got to know and experienced this unique Canary Island first hand. 

The trip enabled the attendees to view many of the attractions this beautiful island has to offer, and moreover to see for themselves how easy and secure it is to travel respecting the new safety and security measures at airports, on flights and in and around hotels and resorts.

They are now fully equipped to make the most of the opportunity the Canary Islands has this winter, more so than ever, as they are able to demonstrate to their clients that it is possible to enjoy Fuerteventura and other Canary Islands and feel safe and secure. The island is an example of a beach destination, a land of contrasts, excellent weather throughout the year and spectacular scenery.