• The alliance of the Soltour and Smytravel brands will materialise in a modern proposal that meets all market needs, thus placing it in a prominent position in the vacation travel segment.
  • The signing of this joint venture creates important synergies: broader commercial visibility, great technological improvements, a more extensive product portfolio and the union of complimentary teams.

Smytravel, the online tour operator of Spanish based global tourism group Logitravel Group, made up of more than 15 companies, and Soltour, the leading independent tour operator in Spain and Portugal in the holiday segment and integrated into Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism company with more than 40 years of history, have agreed today to the creation of a great tour operator together.

This alliance of two significant brands will allow consolidation under the same banner of Soltour’s specialised product – with more than 10,000 travel partners in its portfolio – together with Smytravel’s most innovative technology for the distribution of dynamic vacation products and its wide range of destinations worldwide. This new alliance has been created with a strong vocation offering quality, dynamic and innovative product.

According to Encarna Piñero, vice president and CEO of Grupo Piñero, “This alliance is part of our permanent objective to advance in all our businesses. In an evolving tourism industry, Smytravel is the perfect travel companion to design a product with the technological forefront that the market demands. To which she adds, “Without a doubt this joint venture fits perfectly with our firm commitment to the strategic pillars on which our company is based: digitisation, innovation, development and sustainability. In this regard, it is clear that we want to continue being an active and relevant part of the evolution of the sector ”.

Regarding the new joint venture, Javier Andrés, Co-owner and member of the founding family of Logitravel Group, comments “We are extremely pleased with the agreement reached since both companies are going to compliment each other as a perfect blend. Soltour has a wide range of products in Spain and the Caribbean, which will add to our extensive catalogue of dynamic products to destinations around the world, and the most innovative bespoke tourism technology in the sector that has always characterised Logitravel Group. This alliance allows us to take the final step in our firm commitment to B2B tourism, whilst also building a new internationally relevant streamlined player in the industry ”.

The new alliance will be chaired by Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero. In addition, the main executives of both entities, Tomeu Benassar, CEO of Logitravel Group, Diego Rosales head of tour operations at Logitravel Group, and Javier Castillo, general director of Soltour, together with their teams will lead the integration. Work has already started to define the roadmap which will become effective after the relevant regulatory authorisations. Tomeu Bennassar will be the Managing Director of the Joint Venture.