The Traveltool e -services management group, part of the holding company tourism Logitravel Group, advised by the technical office of Disset Consultors, has submitted an Expression of Interest (MDI) to the Government of Spain that could be financed with the funds ‘Next Generation EU’ for the digitalization of the spanish retail travel agency sector. The project is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain.
According to a report by the European Statistical Agency –Eurostat-, travel agencies have been the tourism subsector most affected by the pandemic, with an estimated fall of 83.6% turnover. Some estimates refer to the possible disappearance of 40% to 60% of these agencies due to covid-19.
Traveltool aims to accelerate the digital transformation of retail travel agencies by expanding this opportunity to a massive number of agencies.
Toni Frau, CEO of Traveltool e-services commented : The pandemic has demonstrated the need for profound changes in this area of the tourism sector. NG funds provide an excellent opportunity for independent travel agencies to undertake the required changes in  digitalization,  which will provide them with the tools they need in order to compete for new customers and offer a full service to their existing customers.
The main objectives of the project are:

– To develop and rollout the technological solutions required, including training and support covering 100% of the needs of a travel agent in 2021 and beyond.

– To complete the digital transformation into 360º travel agencies: Product, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service and Administration.

– To improve the communication channel with the customer: personalised multichannel communications.

– To provide agencies with simple easy to use online tools and solutions.

– To provide efficiency in operating costs (integrated systems on line Saas), enbloing cost savings.

– To provide training and development  by increasing the knowledge in product, sales and service techniques, all as key drivers of conversion for the agents.

– To provide critical data and analysis of internal and external initiatives for strategic and operational decision making.

In short, the objectives of TDA Next Generation allow the independent travel agency to compete in all channels with the large vertical networks. To be much more scalable and adaptable to the new needs of the market and to value that personalised service and proximity with which they differ.
Traveltool e-services is already leading a travel agency digitalisation project with its 600 associated travel agencies, but its intention is to be able to expand this opportunity to a massive number of retail travel agencies thanks to post-covid institutional aid. Toni Frau comments that “in a managed approach, the plan foresees the incorporation of 2,700 new traditional agencies to the project, which represents 50% of the total travel agencies in Spain.”