58% of customers use their mobile to access their travel agency website

More than 5 minutes and a half is the average time spend surfing on the agency websites

Palma, 7th October 2019. A woman among 25 and 44 years old through her mobile phone is the largest users profile who surf on the Traveltool e-services travel agencies websites. The company has prepared a report about the travel agencies website use. And the results show up the customers search for information about the trip they are planning, mainly packages and big trips, to then end booking in its reliable travel agency. Among the most online booked services, we can find ancillary services as flights and hotels.

With data collected from January to September 2019, a total of 2.275 bookings and 7.513 budgets have been registered. The average cost of the online bookings it is 756€ and 48 days in advance is the average time to departure date in which the bookings are registered.

The most searched services are vacation ones, a 25% of the users surf on the package pages, a 22% looks into big trips and tours, while a 12% is interested in cruises. Very different are the results of the most online booked products, where flights is the main booked with 24% of the bookings, followed by beach hotels who represent a 20% and holiday packages with a 15% respectively.

The more popular destinations are Barcelona, Rome and Tenerife among the holiday packages; Tours to Turkey, Morocco and Scotland; Multi centre trips to Prague and Budapest, New York and Riviera Maya, and Athens and Santorini. Among the beach destinations Roquetas de Mar is at the forefront, followed by Islantilla and Matalascañas.

According to Toni Frau, Traveltool e-services CEO ‘We like to measure and evaluate the users behaviour, to be able to make the right decisions and offer more appropriate services to our partner agencies needs. The report news reflect the importance and usefulness of having an available web office for the clients, as it allows agencies to sell more number of trips, besides more complex trips, and this way be able to compete against online agencies and verticals. The omnichannel has become essential to offer the service the clients expect today from its travel agency.’

Having analyzed almost 800.000 users and 5 million page visits, the report shows up that a third part of the web visits come directly to the agency page site, while a second third come from other third party reference websites, and a 16% come from social networks like facebook or instagram.

The main user profile is a person between 25 and 44 years old and women. The Traveltool e-services travel agency partner clients use the mobile in a 58% of the times they surf on the agency webpage, they are woman in the 67% of the cases and the 52% are placed between 25 and 44 years old.