The program includes webinars, documents, tools, tutorials videos and face-to-face trainings

The agencies may acquire knowledge of digital marketing, processes optimization and adapt their way of selling trips

Palma, 13th October 2019. Traveltool e-services has prepared a digital transformation program for face-to-face travel agencies with which the company collaborates, in order to help hem use technology to improve processes and, in short, sell more.

The main reason of the companies digital transformation, whether small or large, is the consumer himself. Customers demand it. The client is increasingly digital, is permanently connected to the internet through his mobile or computer, interacts, buys, communicates with his environment through social networks and has more information in one click.

According to Ignacio Puig, Traveltool e-services Commercial Director: ‘The digital transformation is to use technology in favor of the business, it is for an agency to sell trips in a different way without losing its vocation of customer service.’ And he adds: ‘All agencies assume that the way of selling trips has radically changed. And this must be approached as an opportunity. As travel agencies it is important to evolve at the same speed as the client does it, accept this exciting challenge and adapt to this new hyper connected client without losing the essence of your business: the service and personalization of the trip.’

The program started with a complex research process based on surveys, interviews and focus group where 467 agencies have collaborated from May to October. The first aim was to know the face-to-face travel agency profile and which are its worries and needs. As main conclusions, Traveltool has deduced:

1- The agencies are aware that the way of selling trips has changed.
2- The agencies need to optimize processes soy they can save time to invest on giving advice and trip personalization.
3- The agencies need to acquire basic knowledge of digital marketing.

The research conclusions have been useful for setting the objectives that want to be reached with the Traveltool digital transformation programme. These objectives are:

1- Make grow the agencies global sales.
2- Understand the importance to work the digital world in all its meaning.
3- Provide with tools and practical and easy online solutions to the agencies.
4- Improve the customer-agency communication channel.
5- Analyze the internal and external data to achieve an strategic and operational decision making.

To launch this program Traveltool has signed a cooperation agreement with Windup, a company specialized in digital marketing strategies for touristic companies, which in addition, owns a training school.

The program’s planning includes webinars, documents, tools (owned and from other companies), tutorial videos and face-to-face trainings divided in three big blocks:

1- Digital culture.
2- Process optimization.
3- Connect with the new client who is buying trips.

It is an open and transverse program, based on training actions that each agency can buy freely.

Traveltool is a company owned by Logitravel Group, one of the main touristic groups in Spain and with a technological orientation since its foundation. It has 700 associated agencies in Spain, distributed all over the territory, to whom offers in exchange of a mensual fee a tools portfolio, a vacation platform and services like the digital transformation for travel agencies.